My exposure to the DJ culture wasn't very much until I moved to San Francisco.  Other than people playing CDs at parties, and merging the tail end of one song into the beginning of another, it was really all dance music to me. I had also heard that there were automated CD players that would do this for you. So, it was no big deal.

It was during the second week of February (2000), that I was sitting in a neighborhood bookstore/cafe and browsing through magazines, when I heard familiar music being played at the cafe. Indian music, with classical overtones, and nice periodic beats and an essence of something that I could not place my finger on. It was strange, yet very pleasing.  In all it was an interesting experience.  I had grown to like San Francisco in these two weeks, and this was yet another experience that said "I'm glad I moved to San Francisco".  On my way out, I asked the folks at the bookstore "What CD was that?".  The guy said "it's a CD from a local DJ who goes by the name Cheb-i-Sabbah."

I remember that the day was tuesday. That very evening, a friend of mine called and said "let's go hang out at a local club, and grab a few beers".  On our way to this club, he told me that the place was called " Nickie's " and a local DJ played some very interesting music there.  I said "Cool!  I was actually listening to music by a local DJ this morning. His name was Cheb... something. His mixes had nice Indian classical music with strange background sounds of chants and other stuff". My friend smiled and said, "Guess who's DJ'ing tonight".

That was when I discovered that Cheb-i-Sabbah had been DJ'ing  at Nickie's for well over a decade.  He did this every tuesday when he was in town. That evening was my introduction to him and his music.  Ever since, Nickie's has become a favorite hangout on Tuesdays.


Here are some sites for my personal bookmarks that lead to articles on Cheb-i-Sabbah and samples of his music.