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Industry Report
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Working Papers
  1. Verma, S. Framework for a Script Bridge: Leveraging OS-specific multimedia engines via an Internet-based scripting language.
  2. Verma, S. Secure Wireless LANs: Design, Development and Deployment of Wired-to-Wireless Routers.


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Special awards and honors
  1. Best paper award (in the track), Americas Conference of the Association for Information System, Milwaukee, WI. 1999
  2. Citation of Excellence for "Highest Quality Rating" by ANBAR Electronic Intelligence for Verma, S. (1997) "Adaptive  Decision Support Systems" Decision Support Systems Aug (20/4), carried for 5 years at the ANBAR Hall of Excellence
  3. Doctoral Student Consortium, 28th Annual meeting of Decision Sciences Institute (DSI), San Diego, CA
  4. Member, Atlanta Area Information Technology Group
  5. Courses listed under World Lecture Hall at
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